Why Choose Scalpel Free Vasectomy?

About Dr. Raj Selvarajan

Dr. Raj Selvarajan established Australia’s first scalpel-free vasectomy clinic in 2014. With over a decade of experience, he has performed more than 10,000 procedures in both the UK (since 2007) and Australia (since 2014).

We encourage you to explore more about his extensive experience, training, and media features on TV channels and BBC Radio over the past 15 years by clicking here.

Our clinical team, led by Dr. Raj, is among the best in the country for offering this advanced scalpel-free vasectomy technique. As a passionate educator, Dr. Raj has trained numerous Australian doctors in this method.


Our scalpel-free vasectomies are minor walk-in procedures, performed in a friendly environment under local anaesthesia.

Because of this, the costs are surprisingly reasonable, particularly when compared to tubal ligation or the ongoing costs associated with birth control pills, or traditional vasectomies.

To check the pricing of our vasectomy clinics in both Brisbane and Mackay locations, please visit our Burpengary East, North Lakes, Springwood and Mackay pages.

Medicare rebates both consultation and procedure. If the procedure is done in day hospital settings, private insurance may cover (depending upon the level of policy cover).


Patients DO NOT require a GP referral letter. However, we would welcome your GP to refer with any medical information if you have any medications or medical conditions.

We’ll be happy to talk you through everything you need to know and answer any questions you may have.

Based on previous consultations with patients, we have also answered many questions on our FAQs page for you already.

Scalpel Free Vasectomy Clinic Brisbane

Scalpel Free Vasectomy Brisbane location

State-of-the-art vasectomy procedures available for all male patients based in Brisbane and surrounding areas.

Dr Selvarajan, who operates the Scalpel Free Vasectomy service in Brisbane, has performed over 10000 no scalpel vasectomies in Australia and the UK.

While the majority of Brisbane doctors only perform vasectomy procedures on a limited number of dates each month, Dr Selvarajan offers them each day of the week.

Scalpel Free Vasectomy clinic out of pocket costs are surprisingly very low compared to other vasectomy clinics. Just check it for yourself!

We do not use any metal Clips and we do it with advanced technology involving minimal access and minimal invasive technique.

Some of our clinics operate from Day Hospital settings and some from community clinic locations so our prices can slightly vary between clinics.

For full pricing details for individual clinic locations – please visit our Burpengary East, North Lakes , Springwood, Mackay  pages.

Benefits of No Scalpel Vasectomies:
  • Performed under local anaesthesia
  • Fast and completely safe
  • Less expensive than traditional vasectomies
  • No doctor referral required
  • Trustworthy method of contraception
  • Less side-effects

Cost-effective Vasectomies

Dr Selvarajan is a firm believer that personal finances should not prevent a patient from being able to secure one of the safest and most trustworthy methods of male contraception. With patients able to have the costs of their vasectomy partly covered by Medicare and/or their private health insurance, the out-of-pocket expense for the procedure is very affordable.

Scalpel free vasectomies ensure swift recovery times and minimal downtime, allowing patients to return to work in a matter of days, even if they have physically demanding occupations. With most Brisbane based vasectomy clinics, patients are required to have their pre-operative appointment on a different day to their vasectomy procedure, requiring additional time from work. At Scalpel Free Vasectomy, patients can have their pre-op and vasectomy on the same day.

Vasectomy Myths

Vasectomies do not impair a patient’s sexual drive or performance. All patients who undergo a vasectomy at our Brisbane vasectomy clinic, receive first class treatment at a competitive price. Vasectomies are the safest and most trustworthy method of male contraception.

Vasectomy Facts:
  • Does not alter or reduce testosterone levels
  • Does not cause erectile dysfunction issues
  • Does not effect your masculinity
  • Does not reduce your sex drive or performance
  • Does not heighten risk of developing prostate cancer

Same-day pre-op appointments & vasectomies

Pre-op and vasectomy procedures are available Monday to Friday

  • Simple and Straight Forward Procedure
  • Walk-In Walk-Out One Stop Clinic
  • Affordable and Effective Permanent Solution
  • No GP Referral Required
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Our Vasectomy Clinics in Brisbane and Mackay Locations

Scalpel Free Vasectomy Burpengary East

Shop 5, 115 – 117, Buckley Road, Burpengary East QLD 4505

Scalpel Free Vasectomy North Lakes

Level 5, Suite 509, Specialist Medical Care 6 North Lakes Drive, North Lakes, QLD 4509

Scalpel Free Vasectomy Mackay Specialist Day Hospital

85 Willetts Road, North Mackay QLD 4740

Scalpel Free Vasectomy Mackay – Ooralea Clinic

160, Boundary Road, Ooralea Mackay QLD 4740

Scalpel Free Vasectomy Springwood Clinic

51 Cinderella Dr, Springwood, QLD 4127

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