1. Please tell us at the time of booking and ask for more information:

  • If you are taking aspirin, warfarin or other ‘blood thinning’ medication or any natural supplements. Please discuss with your surgeon before ceasing these medications.
  • If you have had previous surgery for undescended testes as a child or any surgery in the genital area such as hydrocele or hernia operation, please let us know.

2. Ring and confirm your attendance 48 hours before the procedure.

3. At home, on the morning of the procedure shave the scrotum area.

4. Wear tight fitting supportive underwear (not boxers).

5. Have a light meal if needed before the procedure.

6. Immediately before coming in for the operation, please wash the genital area thoroughly with soap and warm water.

7. Though the operation is carried out under local anaesthetic alone, you are advised to arrange transport or someone to take you home.

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