North Lakes specialist Medical Rooms

North Lakes Specialist Medical Centre is perfect for a scalpel free vasectomy procedure at our North Lakes vasectomy clinic Brisbane.

Our North Lakes Vasectomy Clinic Brisbane is located at the North Lakes Specialist Medical Centre in North Lakes and is dedicated to providing men with Scalpel Free Vasectomy procedures.

Our professional caring staff provide an excellent personalised service in a private setting without long waiting times.

If you have been considering a vasectomy in Brisbane, your experience at North Lakes Specialist Medical Centre in North Lakes is what you have been looking for.

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With the advances in Medical Technologies and Techniques, Day hospitals are now servicing an even wider array of Surgical Disciplines. North Lakes has been designed to accommodate these changes today and into the future.

The facilities provides us with latest equipment to perform the scalpel free vasectomy to ensure we facilitate the highest quality patient outcomes.

Supporting the vasectomy clinic is a group of highly skilled Nurses. The staff at North Lakes are highly trained, patient focused and supported by a fantastic central team of managers.

The design of the Hospital sees patients entering surgery in a relaxed and confident state and leaving knowing they have received a standard of care that is unsurpassed.

The North Lakes Vasectomy Clinic Brisbane is equipped with the latest equipment to ensure the highest quality patient outcomes.

When you first arrive at the North Lakes Specialist Medical Centre, please go to the reception for further advice. You will be interviewed by Dr.Raj Selvarajan, our vasectomy surgeon and given full information about the procedure.

For further information, please call our friendly team on 1300 677 647.

The North lakes Specialist Medical Centre has ample parking available at the facility for patients and a pick up and set down point directly available.

Vasectomy North Lakes

North Lakes Pricing

Consultation fees:

(Medicare rebate is $80.10)

Procedure fees:

(Medicare rebate is $215.10)

Your out of pocket cost:

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Brisbane Scalpel Free Vasectomy Service
Level 1, Located within Northlakes Doctors, Northlakes Specialist Medical Centre, 6 North Lakes Drive, North Lakes, QLD 4509
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Our Scalpel Free Vasectomy Clinics

  • Quick, Simple and Safe procedure
  • Done in a relaxing environment
  • Fully Accredited for surgical procedures
  • ​Choice of anxiolytic medication in addition to local anaesthesia
  • Most effective permanent male contraceptive option.