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Scalpel Free Vasectomy Clinic Brisbane

Scalpel Free Vasectomy Procedures

No Referral Required!

Booking scalpel free vasectomy procedures is easy. Just call us on 1300 677 647 and our friendly staff will book your appointment.

If you would like to find out more about the procedure, please go to our FAQ page to get further information. If you prefer to send an specific enquiry or to request an specific date /time for an appointment, please fill out the message box below or send an email to

You do not need a referral from your GP. Having said that, we would be happy to accept referrals from your GP, especially if you have any particular medical conditions.

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Simple and Straight forward procedure Walk in, walk out one stop clinic. Call us today to book an appointment 1300 677 647.

  • Simple and Straight Forward Procedure
  • Walk-In Walk-Out One Stop Clinic
  • Affordable and Effective Permanent Solution
  • No GP Referral Required
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